Yu-Gi-Oh! The Eternal Duelist Soul Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Let the battles begin!
Choose your starter deck
The main menu... What will you do now?
Choose your opponent to duel
Begin each battle by seeing who goes first using Paper, Rock, Scissors
If your defense is good, their attack will hurt them instead of you
Look through the graveyards during a game to see what you might have use of if you have a card that can access the graveyards
If your opponent has no defense, your direct attack will damage them badly
Once your opponent's Life Points are reduced to 0, you win!
Talking to your opponent afterwards
If you win a duel, you can choose a booster pack of cards to add to your deck. The available booster packs are determined by various things in the game
This is what was inside one of the booster packs
Edit your deck in the deck editor
If you want to look at a card to see what it is, just view it close up
After editing your deck, check the deck's statistics to help you decide if it is the way you want it
Easily check your record and see whether you normally win, lose, or tie each duelist
Watch your calendar... each duel takes a day and when you reach certain days, you can take part in tournaments