Written by  :  Vagelis Daskalos (1)
Written on  :  Oct 26, 2003
Platform  :  Game Boy Color
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Classic arcade shoot em up

The Good

It's a classic game, the best of a series (1942, 1941, 1943...). The conversion to the Gameboy color is excellent!

The Bad

You cannot run it in Gameboy, only in the Gameboy color!

The Bottom Line

First of all, I'm a rom translator and I have translated 1942 in greek. I really know almost everything in the game. You can find the greek patch at www.greekroms.net

As for the game itself, there's not much I can say. A classic shoot em up. You control a plane, you go upwards and you can get some bonuses. (3 bullets at a time instead of 2, smart bomb, 2 attached planes) You begin from stage 32 and you end at 1. Luckily, the game has a password system :-)