Action Man: Search for Base X Screenshots (Game Boy Color)

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Game Boy Color version

Title screen
Main menu
Stage select
Selecting an outfit, and weapons.
Zooming along some jungle stream.
Who dug this pit?
Death = capture
Why yes little birde, that ruin has just been waiting for me.
They can shoot UP!?!?
A disguised turret
Swimming... poorly.
To sit in solemn silence in a dull dark dock...
Where is my ski babe?
Shiny robots for the winter wonderland
Change of suit
Up for a little climb?
That is one big bug...
Where did this robot/boulder come from! Ouff!
Password screen
Complete map
Ninja time!
Infiltrating the evil mastermind's factory.
On the compound
Your mission... should you choose to accept it.
Why did I pole vault there?
He won't like that I'm in here wearing my boxers... hehe
The big baddie himself
The most difficult bots... golden bots!
Golden bots can operate even if part of them is destroyed.
Changing weapon.
The final boss
Hunting with bow - robot as victim.
Eliminate robot.
Ups. Death in hole
Like a Tarzan
Fire exchange
Long fall....