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All-Star Baseball 2001 (Game Boy Color)

All-Star Baseball 2001 Game Boy Color Title screen


100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

All-Star Baseball 2001 Credits

KnowWonder Inc.

Programmed bySteven Ettinger, Stephen Cuong Nguyen
Original ProgrammingJeremy Corley, Peter Kolarov, Tom Powers, Steven Ettinger, Stephen Cuong Nguyen, Michael Dorgan, Douglas A. Schilling
New and Remodeled Art Michael Platteter
Original ArtLaura Raines Smith, Phil Knowles, Connie Goldman, Beth Scholz, Jean Bergesen
Original AnimationLaura Raines Smith, Phil Knowles, Connie Goldman, Beth Scholz, Jean Bergesen
Original Music ArrangementsGreg Turner, Eric Swanson
Original Sound EffectsGreg Turner, Eric Swanson
Producer for KnowWonder Inc.Steven Ettinger

Acclaim Sports

ProducerPeter Wanat
Associate ProducerJames Craddock
Acclaim Sports Marketing TeamRick Mehler, Brian Shields, Jason Brown
Sports LicensingMichael Jerchower
PR Public RelationsAdam Kahn
ManualBill Dickson, Carol Caracciolo

Quality Assurance

Director of Quality Assurance and Information SystemsHarry Reimer
ManagerMichael Patterson
SupervisorsMichael Pietrafesa, Matthew Canonico
Senior Lead DesignerDaren Chencinski
Lead AnalystsBill Handworth, Jennifer Simone
Project LeadsD. J. Peluso, Wes Mailman
TestersJoe Lombardo, Gary Yashian, Ray Yeomans, Chris Knowles

Information Systems

IS SupervisorsKevin Denehy, Andrew Fullaytor
Turnover CoordinatorChristopher Maher
Turnover TechniciansAnthony Gentile, Maksim Imas
Senior TechniciansLeigh Busch, David Pollick, Andy Basile
TechniciansMike Sterzel, Christopher Coppola, Chris Frisone, Ulises Batalla, Karl Swass, Jimmy Iovino

Acclaim Entertainment

N.Y.P.D.Brett Gow (Vice President Acclaim Studios New York), James Daly, Shawn David Rosen, Howard Perlman, Erik Hendrickson, James Johnson

Special Thanks

MLB PropertiesTim Brosnan, Howard Smith, Karyn Donohue, Carolann Dunn, Jim Hummerstone
MLBPARichard White, John Olshan, Casey Close, Derek Jeter
Acclaim Studios AustinJohn D. Boerio, Marc Mackin, Tom Green, Matt Mac
Special ThanksLinda Michie Asazawa Ettinger, Russell Edward Ettinger, Kyle Steven Ettinger, Jessica Ettinger, Cuong Nguyen, Thuc Nguyen, Cam-Tu Nguyen, Tien Nguyen, Wes Mailman, D. J. Peluso, Martin Korth

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