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Antz (Game Boy Color)

Antz Screenshots

Game Boy Color version

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Title screen
Title screen (in French)
Main menu
The password entry screen
I entered the wrong password.
Opening of stage 1.
Starting location for level 1
Shot him with a pick ax.
These roots can be used to swing from.
The jagged rocks hurt.
I knocked down these blocks so I can get across the jagged rocks and I found the foreman.
Level 2. I need to find 6 ants to make a demolition ball.
I found them all. Now I can climb them to exit the level.
Here is my password.
Stage 3. A fight broke out in the bar. I need to find where Princess Bala ran away to.
Starting stage 3
DUCK! The bartender is throwing things.
He doesn't look friendly.
And he's not.
Stage 4. In order to find the Princess, I need to trade places with my friend.
I lost but I can continue.
I didn't continue. Game over.