Babe and Friends Credits (Game Boy Color)

Babe and Friends Game Boy Color Title screen / Main menu.


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Babe and Friends Credits

Crave Entertainment, Inc.

Executive ProducerMichael Arkin
ProducerMatthew Paul
QA ManagerMichael Schneider
TestersKevin Hoekman, Chris Scaglione, Ron Talay, Brett Bigley, John Kellogg, Jeff McLean, Jeff Nachbaur (as Jeff Nachbaum), Richard Robledo, Daniel Echeverria, Dan Chaffey, Jeff Nachbaur (as Jeff Nachbaum)
Special ThanksHolly Newman, Mark Burke, Jane Gilbertson, Nima Taghavi, Candice Uyloan


Produced byDavid A. Palmer Productions [UK]
Programming and DesignAqua Pacific
Programmer (Aqua Pacific)Rob Buckley
Graphics Artwork byGraphics State, BAS Studios
Lead Artist (Graphics State)Richard Hill-Whittall (as Richard Whittle)
Artist (BAS Studios)Barry Armstrong
Music byGerard Gourley
Special Thanks toPaul Ranson, Neil Palmer

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