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Advertising Blurbs – Game Boy Color:
    Each of the four boarders -- Alain, Sandy, Tara and Travis -- has a unique rating for speed, balance and jumping ability. The four boards -- Blade, Stomper, SSL and Mountain -- are also rated individually for the same three characteristics. Each rider can be dressed in any of four unique outfits.

    In the Race Attack circuit, you must beat the CPU-controlled competition to advance. Each missed flag will saddle you with a two-second penalty. On the Trick circuit, you must score more than 10,000 points within a time limit to advance. In the similar Time Attack circuit, you must also beat a time limit to advance.

    For one-shot races, enter the Challenge mode. You can try to beat a Time limit on three different courses or rack up Trick points on four different courses. In Slalom, you are challenged to beat a time limit on four different courses. Boarder Zone also has a Practice mode.

    Boarder Zone saves high scores. There is also a password option for circuit competitors.

    Boarder Zone is compatible only with Game Boy Color. It cannot be played on Game Boy pocket or classic Game Boy.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65892) on May 27, 2005.