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Boarder Zone Credits


Executive VP ‑ PublishingJean-Philippe Agati
Infogrames Sports VPMichael Sportouch
Product ManagerÉric Bonneau, Sébastien Chirpaz
ProducerJez Sherlock
PublishingOlivier Lachard, Michel Mégoz
Qualitative ManagerDominique Morel
Qualitative Co‑ordinatorEmmanuel Desmaris
Qualitative LeadJocelyn Cioffi
Qualitative TestersSébastien Soulier, Anthony Macaré, Stéphane Randanne
Debugging SupervisorStéphane Pradier
Debugging Co‑ordinatorChristian Ampère
Thanks toRebecka Pernered, Catherine Louvier, Antione Cabrera, Eric Brouillat, Philippe Larribau, Laurent Moquet, François Masciopinto, Anne-Sylvia Genevrier, Cécile Gillet, Alexandre Blanchard

Software Creations

Executive ProducerLorraine Starr
ProducerDavid McLachlan
BE ProgrammerJim Bagley
FE ProgrammerPaul Tonge
ArtistsChris Collins, Christian Simcock, Francis O'Brien, Mike Bareham
AnimationDave Fish, Paul Johnson
MusicSuddi Raval
Game DesignDavid McLachlan, Chris Collins
Special ThanksAndy Clark, Gary Baker at Tamworth Snowdome

Infogrames North America

Director of Marketing - Sports Steven M. Allison
ProducerSlade Anderson
Product Marketing ManagerCorey Tresidder
ManualBruce Harlick

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Credits for this game were contributed by grimace (162) and Slade Anderson (82)