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85 (Dec 21, 1999)
Chapeau ! On ne croirait pas jouer sur une Game Boy tant c'est bien fait. Bonne jouabilité, bonne animation, enjeu, diversité honorable... seule la durée de vie peut s'avérer faiblarde, tout de même. Superme Snowboarding est un excellent jeu Game Boy.
Total! (Germany) (Jan, 2000)
Obwohl Supreme Snowboarding in allen Disziplinen Spaß und Trendsport-Atmosphäre vermittelt, sorgt die nicht immer gehorsame Steuerung für Frusterlebnisse. Wer ehrgeizig genug ist, dem gelingt es aber, alles aus dem Modul herauszuholen.
Video Games (Jan, 2000)
Lob an die Macher des Handbuchs: Alle Moves (20+), Modi und Fahrer werden hier genau beschrieben. Mittels Dialogkabel schließt ihr 2 Hosenmätze kurz. Auf lange Sicht öden die vom Design her abwechslungslosen Pisten jedoch etwas an.
Grommets will have plenty to do in Infogrames' over-the-shoulder snowboarding romp, including riding in Time, Trick and Slalom competitions. The music borders on cringe-worthy, but at least the cartoony character design is attractive. Strangely, the rolling snowscapes never seem to give you the feeling you're going downhill.
Power Unlimited (Jan, 2000)
Supreme Snowboarding is een hele suffe snowboardgame. De graphics zijn beneden de maat, het geluid is mega-suf en de gameplay zal geen enkele gamer boeien.
While initially the thought of playing a cool snowboarding game on the Game Boy Color is appealing, after playing Boarder Zone for a few minutes, players will surely feel disappointment in this one. While the game's 3D perspective is impressive at first, the control of the snowboards is touchy in the extreme. The easier tricks are a snap to perform, and the more difficult ones are naturally more difficult to pull off, although some of them are frustrating to the point of distraction. The game contains several different racing modes, but ultimately the snowboarding action is slow, frustrating and unappealing.
Ultimately, if you're thirsting for snowboard action in portable form, you can't do any better than Boarder Zone. Problem is, you can't do any worse, either, and until more options hit the market, this is what you're stuck with. Boarder Zone's lack of precise controls or varying experiences suggests that you're probably better off waiting for next time around, whenever that may be.
Player One (Dec, 1999)
Après trois minutes, c'est l'ennui total qui l'emporte haut la main. Il faudrait que les développeurs gardent à l'esprit que la Game Boy est une huit bits et qu'elle a forcément des limites.