Caterpillar Construction Zone Credits (Game Boy Color)

Caterpillar Construction Zone Game Boy Color Title screen / Main menu.


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Caterpillar Construction Zone Credits

Mattel Media Development

Executive ProducerKeith Kirby
ProducerTravis Boatman
Associate ProducerJonathan S. Correa
VP DevelopmentAmy Smith-Boylan
QA Technician LeadsJim Balthaser, Craig Forrest
QA Software EngineerDon DeLucia
QA TeamTyler Domski, Arren Frank, Jim Kirst, Joseph Antonio, Glenn Jackson, Jin Kang, Adrian Fernandez
Manager, Quality AssuranceRay Boylan
VP Business OperationsTimothy Waters
Sr. Product ManagerDebbie Shlens
Assistant Product ManagerJoseph Eibert
Marketing CoordinatorLeslee Pitschke
VP MarketingCynthia Neiman
VP SalesSusan Hughes-Taigen
Corp. Product IntegrityKenny B. Bender
Sr. Manager Business and Legal AffairsCynthia Berry Meyer
Mattel Media Special ThanksRic McDaniel, Alexander W. Offermann, Barry Pringle Sr., Ted Tahquechi, Toni DeBerry, Dawn Gottula, The Mattel Media Team, Roger Hu, Tuan Trinh, Robert Bryant, John Bloodworth III, Nancy Duarte, Tracey Smith, Maryhelen Sandoval, Kendale Sheran, Daniel Kwan, Milton Evensizer, Sammy the Wonder Beagle

Realtime Associates, Inc.

ProgrammersStephen Cuong Nguyen, Steven Ettinger, Michael Dorgan
ArtMichael Platteter
AnimationMichael Platteter
AudioGreg Turner
ProducerSteven Ettinger
Realtime Special Thanks To Cuong Nguyen, Thuc Nguyen, Cam-Tu Nguyen, Tien Nguyen, Michael Platteter, Maria Platteter, Marc Norman, Athena & Max, Linda Michie Asazawa Ettinger, Russell Edward Ettinger, Kyle Steven Ettinger, Jessica Ettinger, David Albert, David Warhol, Shippy Ohka, Paul Kohler, Martin Korth, Everyone at Realtime

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