Conker's Pocket Tales Screenshots (Game Boy Color)

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Game Boy Color version

Title screen (in Game Boy Color)
Select your slot and begin the quest!
Your girlfriend is kidnapped and what is your obligation?
The game starts in Conker's house. Collect some items here.
Map screen.
Use the run to save time in your exploration.
Talk with this guy to have some idea of its next destination.
Read the wood plate and choose one of these directions.
Many presents are spread by the game. Collect them to have access some places.
In a dark cave, Conker try avoid some fool enemies. Is it hard?
Like the presents, there are many invites that must be collected too.
A crying Conker is showed in the Game Over screen. Sniff...
Title screen (in Super Game Boy).
Many aspects of the game are different when played in Super Game Boy. Exciting!
Sometimes, the river is a great shortcut!