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Video Games (Aug, 2000)
Sämtliche Aufgabenstellungen sind dabei recht simpel gestrickt, verständlich formuliert und garantieren zusammen mit der Möglichkeit, ständig speichern zu können, ein recht zügiges Vorankommen. Die Steuerung geht in Ordnung, Grafik und Sound sind zweckmäßig, erreichen jedoch nicht das Niveau eines Bionic Commando (erstes GB-Spiel von Entwickler NST). Ob Crystalis bei uns erscheint, ist zur Zeit noch unklar.
Originally for the NES, Crystalis sunk players into a world filled with monsters, mayhem and magical swords. It quickly became a hit with the masses, and with its transition to Game Boy Color, it promises to attract even more legions of fans. The graphic enhancements, vastly improved translation of the dialog and gameplay that's still fun make this a must-have Game Boy game, even for those who already played and finished the game so many years ago.
I personally loved the game! I have to admit it gets frustrating sometimes, but keep trying. But in what RPG do you get to ride a dolphin? Or use a spell that changes you into another person (Well, I haven't played any). Overall, if you own a GBC, and like RPG's, GET THIS NOW!
Nintendo has taken the post-apocalyptic Zelda knock-off SNK made for the NES, and translated it perfectly to the Game Boy Color. Anyone who's ever enjoyed Zelda, either on the NES or Game Boy, will find enjoyment in Crystalis.
Nintendojo (2000)
I’ll admit, I’ve been a bit hard on the music and sound, but neither can detract from thefantastic gameplay. I’d be hard pressed to find another title of the same genre this greaton the Game Boy.
RPGFan (Jul 30, 2001)
Despite some flaws, Crystalis is a fun game. Worth buying if you loved the NES game and want to try a "remixed" version of it. If you have never played the NES game, buy this or borrow it from a friend. I would recommend it for a long flight, or a nice dose of -albeit tainted- nostalgia. Crystalis is one of those great little games you need to try at least once.
Even with these annoying flaws, Crystalis is still a decent adventure romp. There isn't much of a challenge, so this title might be better suited for a younger or newer gamer who isn't quite prepared for the Zelda series. But those wanting to relive their NES days will enjoy this somewhat improved version.