Disney's Aladdin Credits


Coded byMark Crane
Artwork Production byBarry Armstrong (BAD Studios [as Baz Armstrong])

Crawfish Interactive

Associate ProducerDaimion Pinnock
Director of DevelopmentTim Bradstock
Music and Sound EffectsSteve Collett
Sound DriverCoyote Developments Ltd
Development AssistantsTim Coode, David Hardcastle
TestersDavid Murphy, William Greenough, Jon-Lee Pickett

Disney Interactive

Director, Product Development - Console GamesDan Winters
ProducerNick Bridger
Marketing TeamSue Fuller, Carole Degoulet
Associate ProducerWilliam Beaman
TestersDouglas Jacobs, Joey Costella, Edward Bolus, Jaime Serrano, David Yeung
Special Thanks toCameron Sheppard, Lynne Bradstock, Patrick Larkin, Carlos Schulte

Original SEGA Genesis team

Special ThanksPatrick Larkin, Cameron Sheppard, Lynne Bradstock


ProducerFabrice Pierre-Élien
US MarketingMona Hamilton
US PackagingMari Sakai
Public RelationsSandra Yee, Dana Whitney, Melanie Melton
Special thanks toLaurent Detoc, David Bamberger, Wendy Robinson, Randy Gordon, Hélène Juguet, Jenifer Groeling, Willie Wareham, Rich Kubiszewski, Dennis Roy, John Chowanec, Kevin Lalli
Int'l MarketingChloé Phelizon, Claire Favennec

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Credits for this game were contributed by Freeman (30395) and Corn Popper (69274)