Donkey Kong Country Screenshots (Game Boy Color)

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Game Boy Color version

One of many title screen drawings. The game shows it in 2 parts: this is the first.
And this is the second part. Press START!
Main menu
Map screen
Pick 1 life in your home, sweet home...
DK's store-room is empty! It will not have enough food for the difficult days...
Morph into Rambi to defeat enemies with his long horn.
Go to the other side after jumping off this swinging rope.
Look for broken mine carts and jump all of them! Pick some bananas too.
You must coincide three animals to gain a prize...
One barrel for two Zingers: which of them Diddy must kill?
In some cases, the player must pass for some short places. The jump not works during this time!
The old-wise-monkey-guy Cranky Kong.
DK's animation when losing 1 life.
In this version, the player morphs completely in the animal buddy.
In GBC version, Candy Kong will give (in each world) a challenge to you complete: finish' em all!
Really Gnawty was defeated and DK receives the respective reward: one big banana with a famous logo printed...
Diddy avoids some rocked Kremlings who are back, now in portable version!
DK performing a hand slap.
Vine Valley is a immense forest surrounded by diverse traps and enemies like the other worlds.
Jump in Master Necky's head some times to complete the 2nd world, Monkey Mines! And take care with some falling nuts...
Diddy (and Donkey too) likes eliminate simultaneous enemies, like this 3 Gnawtys.
Go to Funky's Flights and and reach the heights... again!
Pick this Enguarde's golden statue to double your Enguarde "coins" and earn some lives. But the time is malicious...
Crossing between two Zingers needs caution and some precision.
This is Expresso, the ostrich: you can use its high jump to avoid multiple enemies in a row!
Killing two fool Kremlings using a "customized" steel barrel attack.
DK prepares a barrel throw: the victim now is Queen B.!
Use the tire to jump higher than normal and escape from some obstacles in the ground or in the air too.
Squawks, the parrot, gives a great help in a certain dark level, working like a "flying flashlight".
Green bananas, a bug of the game