Advertising Blurbs

From Enix's Website:
    In the middle of the sea in the south floats the island of GreatLog. To this eternally warm and tropical setting, a family of monster farmers was headed to start a new life…

    Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 is the story of a brother and sister named Cobi and Tara who move with their family of monster farmers to the island of GreatLog.

    Soon after they arrive, Cobi and Tara receive a rude welcome from the island’s mischievous Prince Kameha and his elemental sidekick, the monster Warubou. Cobi and Tara’s adventure begins when Kameha and Warubou’s antics cause GreatLog to start sinking into the ocean.

    Contributed by Pat Cdr (1258) on Sep 23, 2004.