Game & Watch Gallery 3 (Game Boy Color)

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Back of Box - Game Boy Color (Australia/New Zealand):
    Flash back to the '80s with original and updated versions of five Game & Watch hand-held games!

    Relive the birth of hand-held gaming in Classic Game & Watch games. Then join your favourite Nintendo characters in Modern versions featuring improved play control, graphics, colour and sound!

    Egg - Catch your eggs before they hatch!
    Turtle Bridge - Carry the packages across the turtles' backs!
    Green House - Protect your plants from the pesky pests!
    Mario Bros. - Help Mario & Luigi keep the factory flowing!
    Donkey Kong, JR. - Grab the key and free DK!

  • Save & Quit feature lets you stop and restart your game anytime!
  • Battery-backed memory saves all your scores!
  • Collect stars to access new features and open hidden classic games!

    Game Boy Gallery 4 is a re-creation of classic Nintendo games and has no time-keeping function.

    Contributed by Ben K (23096) on Dec 21, 2005. – Game Boy Color:

    Even more of the classic portable games you love!

    Before Game Boy, there was Game & Watch. Now, there's Game & Watch on Game Boy Color.

    Nintendo's third compilation of classic hand-held games lets you relive the birth of portable gaming, and also lets you enjoy modern versions of the classic games with improved play control, graphics, color and sound.

    Game & Watch Gallery 3 features the following five games, each with a classic and modern version:

    Turtle Bridge
    Donkey Kong Jr.
    Mario Bros.

    A battery-backed memory file saves your high scores, and as you rack up points you'll be able to discover secrets and play hidden games. Game & Watch Gallery 3 is compatible with Game Boy
    Pocket and classic Game Boy as well as Game Boy Color.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (57870) on May 27, 2005.