Ghosts 'N Goblins Screenshots (Game Boy Color)

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Game Boy Color version

Title Screen
You girlfriend is kidnapped by a demon
These plants spit fireballs at you
This map show you how far you have to go
These red flying demon are hard to avoid and take four hits to kill
Use the moving platform to get across the water
These ghost knights move very quickly
These ghost fly in a straight line
The first boss you meet
When you kill the boss you get a key which allows you to progress further
Level 2 involves much more jumping
Pick these up for more points
This wall is to high to climb
These enemies take lots of hit to destroy them
These bats swoop down from the ceiling
You know have the throwing axes as a weapon
Return of the red flying demon
Use the floating platform to get across the gaps
There are loads of ladders to climb in this level