Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine Screenshots (Game Boy Color)

User Screenshots

Game Boy Color version

Title Screen
The menu screen with some basic settings.
Password screen. Insert the correct sequence and continue your current adventure!
This nice screen shows your first stage.
Indiana Jones ready to the journey!
Entering in a cave. What secret will be here?
You will need of many health packs later...
Level 1 - Climbing up a ladder.
Pause the game and the item select screen appears. Choose the yours!
Level 1 - Found a treasure!
Is Dr. Henry Jones Jr. defeated? I don't think so...
Level 1 - Look out for the scorpion!
Level 2 - Russian dig at Babylon.
Level 1 completed. Between levels you can buy supplies with IQ points.
Level 2 - A Russian guard is here.
Level 2 - Found a treasure on the ledge.
Level 2 - Swimming.
Level 2 - Found a clay tablet.
Level 3 - Intro screen - Russian Border
Level 3 - Indy has parachuted down near the Russian border.
Level 3 - Icy landscape.
Level 3 - A medical kit is in this cave.
Level 3 - Russian outpost.
Level 3 - Guard tower.
Level 3 - Inside a Russian building.
Level 3 - A room inside of the Russian building.
Level 3 - The river runs near here.
Level 4 - Intro screen - The Tian Shan River
Level 4 - Going down the river.
Level 4 - More of the river.