International Superstar Soccer 99 Credits


DirectorGen. S (Gen. S)
PlanningGen. S (Gen. S), Seiji Akimoto (S. Akimoto)
Graphic DesignSeiji Akimoto (S. Akimoto)
Game ProgramGen. S (Gen. S)
Sound DesignTatsumi Adachi (T. Adachi), Masanori Akita (M. Akita)
Sound ProgramJun Yamaguchi (J. Yamaguchi)
Package DesignToyohiro Yamada (T. Yamada)
Special ThanksAll CS2 Staff, RMC Staff
ProducerShinya Sakamoto (S. Sakamoto)
ManufactureKCE Nagoya
Presented byKonami

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