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Video Games (Jun, 2000)
Super flüssiges Scrolling. animierte Backgrounds, griffiges Handling - lediglich das Fehlen einer 2-Spieler Option gibt Abzüge.
IGN (Apr 10, 2000)
Acclaim handed the game over to the right developer -- M4's version of Jeremy McGrath works very well. There's definitely room for improvement (especially in the link-cable department), but as it is the game is a lot of fun to play. I really like the power-up addition, since it encourages the use of the stunt button. Hey, you should be rewarded for your showmanship -- a tiny animation of your rider just isn't satisfaction enough. I just hope that if the guys at M4 are working on another batch of racing games, they include the link-cable in their design docs. They've got the structure down -- now they need more substance.
Gaming Age (Jul 12, 2000)
M4 has taken the route of an overhead perspective for racing in the game, and it works out perfectly. Honestly, there is not really another decent way to do it on the GBC. The visuals are also nice enough, although nothing spectacular. The actual riders themselves lack any soft or distinguishable detail, and are pretty much the same exact sprite design with different sets of colors put together. Fortunately, however, the tracks are varied in their environmental design and are rather non-repetitive for each of them being comprised of pure dirt and turns.
Jeremy Mc Grath Supercross 2000 est une simulation de supercross. Choisissez entre neuf pilotes professionnels et participez à un championnat. Un mode Arcade permet de se familiariser avec tous les terrains. La durée de vie est assurée par cinq types de décors remaniés de trois façons différentes ; soit un total de quinze circuits. On peut exécuter des figures en l’air, par la simple pression d’un bouton, que l’on gardera appuyé plus ou moins longtemps. Celles-ci vous donneront des bonus, sous forme de pastilles vertes, servant à faire tomber vos adversaires ou à aller plus vite. La jouabilité est basique mais diablement fun et intuitive. Les graphismes sont assez sympas et l’animation des figures est réaliste, quoique peu détaillée. Un conseil cependant, coupez le son!