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Game Boy Color version

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Title screen
The time machine... (intro)
...goes wrong in all of a sudden! (intro)
Now it's up to the heroes, to save their friends all along!
Time location choosing
Level choosing
Waldorf funnily starts the conversation
And Statler funnily responds (notice the words referring to the level in their conversation)
The prehistoric level. You are shown the lives left, the drum sticks left and the special move gauge. The drum in front of you increases your drum sticks gauge
The drum sticks gauge is full. You can't get more of it now
The Egypt level. Unlike Animal, Kermit is given paper planes
Get back to your coffin mummy!
Kermit uses his super high jump move and get the food which give him more health
I don't think it's the right time to smile, Kermit. Especially when you almost run out of health and have no more paper planes left while there are still a lot of enemy to kill :S
The Rome level
The thing with arrows can transfer you to a different place. From this level, that thing will be quite common
The Maya level
The pole Kermit is holding can only be used to get down, not climbing
Kermit eats the heart!
Is this the right expression after falling down, Kermit?
Hit too much! I'm dead!
The castle level
Who do you think will eat the other?
The Wild West level . The road is so twisted :(
A specialty of this level: this is the only level which has locked door requiring key!
Traveling through time (as Kermit)
I lost all my lives. Game over.
Playing the second 1850 level with Indians.
An enemy dies.