Knockout Kings 2000 (Game Boy Color)

Knockout Kings 2000 Game Boy Color Title Screen


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Knockout Kings 2000 Credits

Digital Eclipse

Lead ProgrammerBenjamin Lee
Lead ArtistTom Lisowski
ArtistsTynan Wales, Kevin James, Arvin Bautista
Additional Art byJohaness R. J., Victor French
Technical DirectorMichael Mika Sr.
SoundRobert Baffy
MusicRobert Baffy
ProducerWilliam S. Schmitt
Tilekiller Support and Inline SkatingDaniel Filner
Special ThanksAndrew Ayre, Troy Sheets, Robert V. Daly, Brett Bibby, Kristy Jennings, Boyd Burggrabe, Dede Schmitt

Electronic Arts

ProducerVictor Mercieca
Assitant ProducerJosh Hendren
ManagementTom Frisina, Linda Chaplin
TestingShaun Morton, Michael Deir, David Constantino, Andrew Mirelez, Tim Boetticher
WriterAnthony Lynch
OperationsPaulette Doudell, Steve Sammonds, Nyla Sadri, Michael Yasko, Yuri Green, Yakim Hayuk
Package Art DirectionCole Bronn, Nancy Waisanen
Package DesignPOPGUN, Micki Cunningham, Grateart
LegalPamela Ostroff
A Very Special Thank You tothe entire KOK EARS Production Art and Programming Team!, Michael Pole, Rick Giolito, Keith Orr, Tony Lupidi, Erik Wahlberg, Kristen Latimore, T. J. de Vroede, Mills Lane, Muhammad Ali, Lennox Lewis, Oscar De La Hoya, Sugar Ray Leonard, Joe Frazier, Shane Mosley, Michael Grant, Larry Holmes, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Rocky Marciano

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