Konami GB Collection Vol. 1 (Game Boy Color)

Konami GB Collection Vol. 1 Screenshots

Game Boy Color version

Title screen.
Game selection.
Gradius - Title Screen
Gradius - Enemies explode in a puff of flames
Gradius - These enemies attack in groups
Gradius - These pickups power up your weapon
Gradius - There are also enemies on the ground
Gradius - These blue pick ups kill everything on the screen
Castlevania - Title Screen
Castlevania - You start off in the woods
Castlevania - When you hit a candle it explodes
Castlevania - The exploded candle leaves a health pick up
Castlevania - Your whip can be powered up to throw fireballs
Castlevania - Use the rope to climb up to the next area
Castlevania - These eyeballs are hard to kill as they move quite fast
Castlevania - You have died
Konami Racing - Title Screen
Konami Racing - Set up what race you want to do
Konami Racing - Starting off in the pits
Konami Racing - The arrows warn you of oncoming corners
Konami Racing - Skidding off onto the grass loses you valuable seconds
Probotector (Contra) - Title Screen
Probotector (Contra) - Enemies shoot from above you
Probotector (Contra) - You machine gun can be powered up to shoot in 3 directions
Probotector (Contra) - These auto guns take a lot of hits before being destroyed
Probotector (Contra) - You will be constantly attacked whilst using the lift
Probotector (Contra) - The homing bullets make short work of the boats below
Probotector (Contra) - A weapon pick up
Probotector (Contra) - The flame weapon shoots out a big ball of fire