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Konami GB Collection Vol. 4 (Game Boy Color)

Konami GB Collection Vol. 4 Screenshots

Game Boy Color version

Main Title Screen
Chose which game you want to play
Gradius II - Title Screen
Gradius II - You start off being chased through an asteroid field by a big space ship
Gradius II - You little ship can easily pass through unlike the big ship
Gradius II - There are guns fixed to the roof of the cave
Gradius II - These worm things are hard to kill
Gradius II - More and more enemies attack you as the game progresses
Castlevania II - Title Screen
Castlevania II - Choose which stage to play
Castlevania II - The ice world
Castlevania II - These blocks break if stood on for too long
Castlevania II - Use the rope to progress further
Castlevania II - You whip can be upgraded to shoot fireballs
Castlevania II - Bouncing eyeballs are hard to kill
Castlevania II - You need to get down the rope before the spikes kill you
Yie Ar Kung Fu - Title Screen
Yie Ar Kung Fu - Wang fights with a stick
Yie Ar Kung Fu - Tao can spit fore at you
Yie Ar Kung Fu - Chen can swing a giant chain about
Yie Ar Kung Fu - Lang is very fat and throws stars at you
Yie Ar Kung Fu - Mu flies across the screen very fast
Antarctic Adventure - Title Screen
Antarctic Adventure - The world map
Antarctic Adventure - Collect the flags for power ups
Antarctic Adventure - The helicopter hat allows you to float in the air for a short amount of time
Antarctic Adventure - The moles can seriously slow you down
Antarctic Adventure - You have reached Australia
Antarctic Adventure - Australia is more sandy