Written by  :  MasterMegid (902)
Written on  :  May 05, 2006
Platform  :  Game Boy Color
Rating  :  4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars

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Is that an elf in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

The Good

Who would have thought that one off the best Zelda games would be a Gameboy game? Well it is. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, is one of the most solid of Link’s many adventures. Perhaps because for once you do not have to save Zelda. Link needs to find a woman who is less trouble.

In Link’s Gameboy adventure he finds himself washed up on the shore of a mysterious island after a storm at sea wreaks his boat. Link awakens to find the only escape from Koholint Island is to wake the wind fish, thus his quest begins. “In his house at Koholint, the dead Wind fish waits dreaming.”(Just kidding, the wind fish is not dead or evil.) I really think that this is one of the best stories ever produced for a Zelda game, the genius of it is that it has nothing to do with Zelda or Hyrule for that matter.

The gameplay is what we have come to expect from Zelda. You explore the world, find dungeons conquer them, collect new items/weapons, rinse, repeat. However every dungeon in this one is unique unlike the NES Zelda. Although some bosses and puzzles are recycled from previous adventures. In this version there is also a color dungeon, that have color specific puzzles, and is one of the games more challenging dungeons. When you complete the dungeon you are rewarded with a new tunic for Link, either Red or Blue. Red raises Link’s attack, whilst Blue raises his defense. Once you pick your new tunic you will not be able to use the green one any longer.

The Music and sound effects are very impressive, this is a Gameboy game but you wouldn’t know that based on the music. Most impressive.

The Graphics like the sound are very good considering the lacking Gameboy hardware. All the colors look good, much better than playing the original version on the horrid Gameboy player. No nasty pinks and shit here! Everything in the game is the color it is supposed to be, and that is a good thing.

The Bad

On the down side this game is short, probably the shortest in the series, except for maybe Majora’s Mask.

The Bottom Line

Zelda fans have already played this one I’m sure. Other Gameboy gamers should try it as it is not that hard to find, and not that expensive I got it for five bucks at Gamestop, unless you want it new. And you can play it on the GBA and the DS.