LEGO Stunt Rally Credits

Developed by Graphic State

Project Manager Richard Hill-Whittall
Programming Neil Holmes, Andy Whyte
Artwork Charles Harbour, Richard Hill-Whittall
Music Andrew Lemon
Sound Effects Stuart Leonardi
PlaytestingClaire Hill-Whittall

LEGO Media International

Worldwide Managing Director Mark Livingstone
Head of Product Development Chris Nicholls
ProducerDavid Williams
DesignerDavid Williams
Global Head of Quality Assurance Kevin Turner
Testing/QA Group Leader Gary Simmons
Lead Tester Nicolas Doucet
Testers Jonathan Hughes, Dwayne Buck, Matthew Marriner, Gary Mellish, Desmond Gayle
Manual David Williams, Sophie Blakemore
Localisation Manager Isabelle Martin
Head of Logistics Nic Ashford
Logistics Controller Robert Boyle
Global Brand Director Petra Bedford
International Marketing Manager Helen Nicholas
Global Sales DirectorLeah Kalboussi

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Credits for this game were contributed by Freeman (24657) and formercontrib (159979)