Madden NFL 2002 Credits (Game Boy Color)

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Madden NFL 2002 Credits

3d6 Games and GameBrains

ProducerWilliam S. Schmitt
Technical DirectorDaniel Filner
ProgrammerKevin Choong
ArtistEric DeSantis, Grant Hortin, Carl Kampmeyer, Jeremy Stanton, Gabrielle Blair, Ian Ng Siong Yoong, David Khaw, Richard Chean, Peter Pan Jan Lik, Shan Uma, Sidharthan
MusicJason Tai
Project CoordinatorsJean Tan, Johaness R. J.
Special ThanksTroy Sheets, Chris Novak, Christian Dana Perry, Brett Bibby, Surya Ismail

Electronic Arts

ProducerMatt McKnight
Associate ProducerJeff Hasson
Project ManagerMelvin C. Lenzy
Packaging Project ManagerLarrĂ© Sterling
Package DesignGrateart, POPGUN Design
Package Art DirectionEA Creative Services
Package Cover PhotographyRick Stewart, Allsport Photography
DocumentationGabriel Leon
Documentation LayoutCorinne Mah
Lead TesterVincent Brooks
TestersWilliam Lane, Charles Paw, Shan Simpson
CQCAnthony Barbagallo, Dave Knudson, Darryl Jenkins, Andrew Young, Anthony Alexander, Ben Smith
Studio OperationsPaulette Doudell, Steve Sammonds, Rosalie Vivanco, Michael Yasko, Michael Deir, Chris Espiritu, Yakim Hayuk
Special ThanksRudy Ellis, Jeremy Strauser, Jamil Dawsari, Ken Balthaser Jr., Josh Hendren, Scott Evans, Edwin Caparaz, Kathy Frazier, Tom Frisina, Steven Chiang, John Schappert
with special thanks tothe Major

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