Magical Tetris Challenge (Game Boy Color)

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Magical Tetris Challenge Credits

Staff Credits

Game DesignHidemaro Fujibayashi (credited as H. Fujibayashi), Su Chol Lee (credited as S. C. Lee)
Object DesignKohichi Kikutani (credited as Kikutani), Tomohiko Ohsumi (credited as T. Ohsumi)
Scroll DesignAkiko Ohnishi (credited as A. Ohnishi), Asae Nishitsuji
Instruction DesignMasako Honma, Mizuho Toyonaga
ProgrammerNobuhito Shimizu (credited as Shimitan), Tadashi Kuwana (credited as T. Kuwana), Yasuhiro Yanagi (credited as Y. Yanagi)
MusicHarumi Fujita (First Circle)
SoundYasuaki Fujita (First Circle)
SupervisorTomoshi Sadamoto (credited as Sadamoto)
ProducerHironobu Takeshita (credited as H. Takeshita)
General ProducerNoritaka Funamizu (credited as N. Funamizu)
DirectorHidemaro Fujibayashi (credited as H. Fujibayashi)
Executive ProducerYoshiki Okamoto
Special ThanksTom Shiraiwa, Manatee, Miki Takano, A. Oyama, Yasunori Ichinose (credited as Ichinose), Daisuke, K. Nakamura, Kazushi Sano (credited as Sanochin GF8D), Go Ozawa (credited as Go [Ori] Ozawa)
Special Thanks (Disney Staff)Dan Winters, Peter Wyse, Jeffrey Berting (credited as Jeff Berting), Emiko Yamamoto, Tomomi Endo
Special Thanks (BPS Staff)Henk B. Rogers, Edward Rogers
Special Thanks and All Capcom Staff

Manual Credits (US)

Manual DesignHanshaw Ink & Image
MarketingTodd Thorson, Sean Mylett, Robert Johnson
Package DesignMichiko Morita, Jamie Gibson
Creative ServicesMichiko Morita, Jennifer Deauville, Marion Clifford, Jamie Gibson
Public RelationsMelinda Mongelluzzo, Matt Atwood, Carrie Megenity
Special Thanks toTom Shiraiwa, Manabu Takemura, Miki Takano, William Gardner, Robert Lindsey, Nancy Ramsey

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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69636) and りき Hideto (22913)