Mary-Kate & Ashley: Get a Clue! Credits

Crawfish Credits

ProducerTim Bradstock
ProgrammerRay Jakes
Engine developed byDavid Theodore
ArtistsPaul Mitchell, Kevin McMahon
DesignersTim Bradstock, David Hardcastle
Sound DriverCoyote Developments Limited
MusicSteve Collett
Sound FXSteve Collett
Development AssistantDavid Hardcastle

Dualstar Credits

Executive ProducersMary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, Robert Thorne (Director/Production/Administration)
ThanksJoan Waricha, Jane Stine, Harold Weitzberg, Jill Zimmerman, Matthew Shields, Judy Swartz, Leslie Lightfoot, Peter Tangen

Acclaim Entertainment Credits

ProducerEric Hendrickson
Brand DirectorDouglas Yellin
Marketing ManagerChristina Recchio
PRLaura Heeb Mustard
Special ThanksSteve Lux
Director of QA & Information SystemsHarry Reimer
QA ManagerMike Patterson
QA SupervisorsMichael Pietrafesa, Matthew Canonico
Senior Lead AnalystDaren Chencinski
Lead AnalystsBill Handworth, Jennifer Simone
Project LeadsJason Moore, Joshua Rogers
TestersChristopher Knowles, Brett Linder, Joseph Tolentio, Brian Alcazar, Michael Derosa
Information Systems SupervisorsKevin Denehy, Andrew Fullaytor
Turnover CoordinatorChristopher Maher
Turnover TechniciansAnthony Gentile, Maksim Imas
Senior TechniciansLeigh Busch, David Pollick, Andy Basile

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Andy Basile, 21 other games
Steve Lux, 20 other games
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