MTV Sports: Pure Ride Screenshots (Game Boy Color)

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Game Boy Color version

Title Screen
Main menu
Lee it is.
The blue wind, named after the background sprite.
MTV Canada!
Starting line.
Slalom it to the left!
A little hop. (skip and a jump)
A small ramp.
The right now.
An icy turn.
Ow... there go Lee's kneecaps.
Game over.
The map of a slope.
A fearsome jump.
The end of level ranking.
Do training or the MTV Tour?
Select training 1.
Respect the time. Just get downhill as fast as possible.
You failed the training.
You completed the training. More training options are now open.
Training 2. Do a perfect slalom.
You have qualified.
Here is the password for your current level.
The tour begins in Bitterroot.