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This Basketball Game is as Good as It Gets on the Game Boy Thomas T (232) 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

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The Lakers may be red hot on the courts right now, but Kobe Bryant is red hot in the carts right now. After the success of NBA Courtside 2 for the N64 (read our review), Kobe delivers another solid basketball title with NBA 3-on-3 for the Game Boy Color. Since 5-on-5 basketball is quite hard to do even on the big systems, Nintendo did the wise thing by streamlining the game down to 3-on-3, but it still contains all the hoop-shootin' shot-denial action of full 5-on-5, much to basketball fans' delight.
Nintendo's first basketball game to hit the Game Boy Color is well done and will be a very tough act to follow. NBA 3 on 3 featuring Kobe Bryant is practically a slam dunk away from greatness on the 8-bit system. Although the graphics and sounds are far from spectacular, the features are what make this title stand out.
Les parties sont souvent confuses bien qu’il n’y ait que six joueurs à l’écran. On ne discerne pas bien les joueurs du terrain et la 3D isométrique choisie n’est vraiment pas idéal. La version monochrome est un peu plus lisible sans pour autant casser des briques. Les contrôles ne sont pas instinctifs et un passage dans les options est inévitable afin de les modifier. Quant aux bruitages, ils sont corrects. En fait, on ne sait pas trop à quel genre de jeu on a affaire : arcade ou simulation?
IGN (Dec 09, 1999)
There are a ton of features in the game, including an extremely detailed character creation mode where you can build a player almost entirely from scratch, and then trade him onto any team in the league. The options menu lets you tweak almost every rule in the game, from the backcourt violation to the shotclock to how many points are allowed per game. You can play a full, battery-backed season or simply get into a pick-up game. Customization is definitely a focus here. The game follows as much of the game of basketball as possible, other than the fact that it's only got three players on the court per team at one time.