Written by  :  Thomas T (230)
Written on  :  Dec 16, 2006
Rating  :  4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
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This Basketball Game is as Good as It Gets on the Game Boy

The Good

This game is easily the most complete basketball game for the Game Boy/Game Boy Color. It has all 29 teams and over 150 NBA players. The game has three modes of gameplay: Exhibition mode, Season mode, and Playoffs mode. In Exhibition mode you play a quick game against a CPU-controled team or you can go head to head against a human opponent if you have a Link cable. In Season mode you have the options of playing 14, 28,56, or all 82 games. This mode has League Leaders stats where you can see the top players in all the major statistical categories. In Playoffs mode you must face tough competition before you are awarded the Trophy. The game also features a Create-a-Player mode. This is what makes this game fun. In this mode you can create a player, set his attributes, and give him any name you like. You can then put him on any team you like. This game also allows you to trade for any player you want. Customization is a big part of the game. Under Options you can even customize almost every rule in the game. There are a variety of moves you can do including a spin move, alley-opps, backing down, and a handful of different slam dunks/layups. What's cool is that whenever you have a clear path to the basket it shows a scene of your player doing a slam dunk or layup when you press the shoot button. It's very well-done, and you are sure to enjoy this when you play the game. Furthermore, the music in this game is very enjoyable. Unlike many other games, they don't tend to get annoying over time. Lastly, the animations are smooth, and the control is very responsive and easy to learn.

The Bad

The graphics is not very detailed. The colors are dull and players are very simple. They don't have faces and numbers on their backs. Luckily, the name of the player with the ball is displayed at the bottom of the screen so you can tell who has the rock in their hands. The courts also lack many details. There are nothing on the sidelines. You will not see benches, cheerleaders, and referees during the game. There are fans but they need to be more colorful because they look very dull. I also don't like it when players flicker whenever they crowd together.

The Bottom Line

Despite some minor flaws this game is fun to play. The features found in this game outweigh its flaws by a wide margin. It is the most complete basketball game made for the Game Boy. It has all the important features expected in a basketball game. This game is very deep with options and has a lot to offer to Game Boy owners.