NBA Hoopz Credits (Game Boy Color)

NBA Hoopz Game Boy Color Title screen


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NBA Hoopz Credits

Torus Games

Managing DirectorBill McIntosh
ProducerKevin McIntosh
Lead ProgrammerMichael Abbott
ProgrammersPeter Suwara, Brian Hollister
Lead ArtistIvan Kenny-Sumiga
ArtistsPanage Kontos, Andrew McIntosh
QA ManagerBrian Uniacke
Test LeadBradley Lewis
Test TeamKim Garoni, Andrew Major
MusicBrian Uniacke
Special ThanksMatthew Ellison, Michael James Smith
Developer Quote"Ahoy there matey; we have changes aplenty. What ye be lookin' fer? These here look fine as a dozen trunks o' treasure on the gunwale o' me ship!"


ProducerBrian Lowe
Associate ProducerJeremy Airey
Assistant ProducersDevin Shatsky, Darren J. Walker
Print and ProductionMidway Creative Services San Diego
Vice President of MarketingHelene Sheeler
Testing ManagerRobert Sablan
Testing SupervisorSteve Kramer
Technical DirectorPaul D. LeFevre
Lead Product AnalystMalcolm Scott
Product AnalystsAdam Jones, Curtis Robert Barnes, Jared Hamiter, Eljin Whitehead, Nick Cardoza, Christine Penley, Brien J. Atangan, Brian Piper, Robert Parnell, Virgilio Abad, John Le
Technical Standards AnalystsZak McClendon, David Langat
Director of Sports MarketingMichael Lustenberger
Product Marketing ManagerTim Granich
Associate Product ManagerPhil Marieau
Special ThanksGreg Lassen, The NBA, Krissy Braun, Deborah K. Fulton, Nancy Ramsey, Robert Gustafson, Melani Windham, Ron Ludlow, Paula Cook, Tom Taylor, Doris Lynch, Diane Barton, Marcelyn Ditter, David Greenspan, Ann Denton, Chris Vine, Shaquille O'Neal, DCW, VisionWorks, Cornerstone Promotions

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (65856)