Rayman (Game Boy Color)

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Rayman Credits


Project ManagerRiccardo Lenzi
Lead Game DesignerBenoît Maçon
Game DesignDavide Soliani, Giordano Nisi, Marc D'Souza, Massimo Guarini, Riccardo Landi
Sound DesignDavide Pensato
Midi AdaptationStefano Palmonari
Artistic & Animation DirectionJean-Marc Geffroy
AnimationsGiuliano Boiocchi, Rossana Cesaretti, Mauro Perini, Michele Agosteo
GraphicsDavide Rupiani, Fabio Pagetti, Graziella Troncatti, Fabrizio Von Stibiel, Stefano Iorio
Developement ManagerAlain Bedel
Developement SupervisorVincent Greco
Software DevelopmentCarlo Morgantini, Claudio Casadei, Giovanni Ivan Ferraro, Luciano Morpurgo, Marco Cozzini, Massimiliano Pagani, Paolo Maninetti, Stefano Chiappa
Test Studio ManagerCristian Giuglea
TestCostel Apopii, Mihai Banica, Sebastian Burtan
Product ManagerGéraldine Durand
Ubi Studios Italy General ManagerAgnès Lajot-Tirat
ProducerUbi e‑Studios
PresidentMichel Guillemot
Special Thanks ToChristian Votava, Dominique Dumont, Lambert Combes, Serge Hascoët, Sylvain-Luc Brunet
US Marketing ManagerMona Hamilton
US PackagingMari Sakai
US Manual DesignMari Sakai
Very Special Thanks toLaurent Detoc, David Bamberger, Wendy Robinson, Carrie Tice, Lisa Hootnick, Melissa Wilks
Rayman Created byMichel Ancel, Frédéric Houde

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