Road Rash Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy version

Title screen
Choose your course.
At the start of each race the other racers will give you tips.
Starting grid.
Avoiding cars and opponents.
Race results.

Game Gear version

Credits screen.
Title screen.
Main menu screen.
Options screen.
At every race start the other racers will give you advices.
Racing the Sierra Nevada track.
A police officer.
You won!
Race results.
The bike shop.
There are some babes racing too.
Starting grid at Pacific Coast.

Genesis version

Title Screen
Select one of these five level 1 racetracks
Start of the Redwood Forest race
Racing in the Grass Valley, your not the only one on the road
"Yamaha is way better than Kawasaki!" "No it's not!" "Take that idiot" "Ouch!"
Ooohh my head hurts
Bike shop. This is the bike you start with
Race results. A second place earns you $500

SEGA Master System version

U.S. Gold logo
Probe logo
Title screen
Course selection
Biff gives advice
Sierra Nevada
Natasha gives advice
Sledge gives advice
Redwood forest
A nice little jump
Palm desert
Close encounter
O'Routke gives "advice"
Grass valley
That's a high jump!
Hit by a car
Running to get your bike
Giddeup boy!