The Rugrats Movie Credits (Game Boy Color)

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The Rugrats Movie Credits


Executive Vice PresidentAnn Sarnoff
Vice PresidentTom Ascheim
DirectorSeth Jacobson
ProducerSyma Sambar
Product Manager   Syma Sambar
Project CoordinatorErika Ortiz
Nickelodeon Software would like to thankCricket Benevento, Steve Gold, Aly Peduto, Kyra Reppen, Geoff Todebush

Creations: The Team

Color Conversion, Programmed byDave A. Stead, Mike Ager
Graphics byMartin Holland
Sound byMartin Goodall, Paul Tonge
Produced byJames Tripp, Lorraine Starr, Trevor Bent
QA ManagerPaul Lee
Testing (Color Conversion)Tony McColgan, Ajay Dadlani
Original Mono Version, Programmed byBrian Beuken, Mike Ager
Man in GlassesAndy Onions
Level DesignSimon Hundleby, Tony McColgan, Trevor Bent
Testing (Original Mono Version)Simon Hundleby, Tony McColgan, Trevor Bent

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