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Parents who have young daughters will want to consider adding this game to their collection. It's even better than watching the Rugrats on television, because in Rugrats: Totally Angelica they'll have to solve puzzles and make decisions (even if they are only on clothing). Nothing in this game is violent or offensive, either, which is another plus. In short, Rugrats: Totally Angelica would make a top-notch birthday gift for any little girl with a Game Boy Color.
IGN (May 26, 2000)
There's a reason why guys cringe when they see things like the boy in Game Boy scratched out and replaced with Game Girl Color on the box art of Rugrats: Total Angelica. It's not that the idea of a cutesy girl's game is a bad concept; it's that we all know that whatever's in the box is destined to be crap. The designers spend more time on the feminist posturing than feminine gameplay. It's the same with any Barbie game, any animated movie license, any hacked-out idea that advertises in Sassy instead of Next Gen. The time simply isn't spent on making a fun game, and it doesn't matter how many options or outfits the characters can change into in the game if the actual play is trash and the joy isn't there.
Les éditeurs semblent éprouver de grosses difficultés à attirer dans les mailles de leurs filets un public féminin. THQ s’attaque cette fois-ci au dessin animé qui sévit actuellement sur France 3, mais c’est un bide total ! Cette cartouche regroupe sept minijeux à l’intérêt douteux : dans le premier par exemple, il faut attraper en plein vol des tranches de toasts éjectées d’un grille pain ! Dans un autre, diriger une pelote de laine dans un labyrinthe interminable, etc. Récompense ultime en cas de victoire : habiller Angelica à l’aide de divers articles et torchons colorés (il n’y a pas d’autres mots tant ce jeu est laid). Rugrats : Totally Angelica s’adresse à un public extrêmement jeune, soit. Mais est-ce une raison pour développer un jeu bâclé et inintéressant au possible?