Rugrats: Totally Angelica Screenshots (Game Boy Color)

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Game Boy Color version

Title screen (German version)
Title screen (French version)
Title screen (English version)
Main menu
Starting at Phil's Fashions.
Want to play a game of Grandpa's Cookie Catch?
Instructions for Grandpa's Cookie Catch
Ready to catch
The cookie is flying through the air.
I dropped too many cookies.
I caught enough cookies to keep Grandpa happy and win a prize.
Now I can change my leggings.
Hmm. Do these go with my eyes?
On to Susie's Shoes
Fluffy's Pinball Maze
Instructions for Fluffy's Pinball Maze
The ball of yarn is away.
I need to guide it to Fluffy in time.
I got it to Fluffy!
I found Fluffy in time and won another prize.
Do I want roller skates...
...or high heels?
Next, Lil's Lipsticks
Play Cynthia's Shuffle Puzzle.
Instructions for Cynthia's Shuffle Puzzle
Here is how I need to make the puzzle look.
Now I need to unscramble it.
Yay! I solved the puzzle and won more prizes.
My starting look...
...and my new blush color.
Time for the Fab Fashion Show.
Welcome to the Fashion Show. Because it's all about me!
Fashion Show Menu
"I do my little turn on the catwalk."
The level's password
The elevator to other floors