Shadowgate Classic Screenshots (Game Boy Color)

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Game Boy Color version

Title screen (Japanese release)
Title screen and select language
Choose game to start.
Last you remember, the wizard was waiving his hands.
You opened the skull to find a key.
"Private eyes, they're watching you. They see your every move."
Moving forward.
Whatever you do, don't take the book.
Pow! I hit the weak spot in the wall.
I found an arrow.
I pulled a torch and found a secret door.
I can cross the left bridge now but I'll need to come back to cross the right bridge.
I tried to cross the right bridge.
Sadly, my adventure has ended.
Continue or end?
A wraith is blocking my way.
I found a sling and a sword.
Memo to me: Don't go swimming.
I entered this new room. It doesn't look cuddly.
When I grabbed something, WHOOSH!