Shantae Credits (Game Boy Color)

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Shantae Credits

Capcom Entertainment, Inc.

ManualHanshaw Ink & Image
Manual ArtMatt Bozon
MarketingTodd Thorson, Sean Mylett, Bonnie Scott, Robert Johnson, Nathan Williams
Creative ServicesJennifer Deauville, Marion Clifford
Package DesignMichiko Morita Wang, Jamie Gibson
Public RelationsMelinda Mongelluzzo, Matt Atwood, Carrie Root
Special ThanksWilliam Gardner, Robert Lindsey, Customer Service


Shantae Created byMatt Bozon, Erin Bozon
Developed byWayForward Pocket Team
Executive ProducerVoldi Way
ProducerJohn Beck
Programmed byJimmy Huey
DesignMatt Bozon
DirectionMatt Bozon
ArtMatt Bozon
AnimationMatt Bozon

Developed by WayForward Pocket Team

Production ManagerShereef Morse
Character AnimationMatt Bozon
Level DesignMatt Bozon
BGMatt Bozon
StoryMatt Bozon
Additional Character AnimationErin Bozon, Luke Brookshier, Debbi Brookshier
Story EditorsRobert Buchanan, Jeff Clark
Sprite CaptureCole Phillips, Palo Porazik, Paul Kite (Paul-Z Kite)
Additional ProgrammingLarry Holdaway, Michael W. Stragey
Music & Music Engine provided byParagon 5
Music ProducerPaul Bragiel
Music ReplayStephanie Hockenhull
Music CompositionJake Kaufman
Lead TestersJohn Wasiel, Palo Porazik
Play TestersMark Bozon, Robert Tuohy, Aric McGhee, Brook Chalmers, Amy Kong, Abby Goldsmith, Maley Family, Prestin Family, Utley Family, Paul Kite (Paul-Z Kite), Mikey Morse
Shantae & all related characters & events Copyright 1996-2002Matt Bozon
Game engine & Game tools Copyright 1995-2002Ministry of Thought
Game code Copyright 2002WayForward
Special ThanksRobert Lindsey, Nathan Williams, Robert Johnson, Craig Harris, Vince Matthews, Jason Passama, Raymond L. Maple, Robert Buchanan, Ian Wakelin, Derek Dutilly, Jeff Pomegranate, James Chan, Jason Hitchens, DR. Jones, Baby Brin, Mario Club, and all Wayforward Staff

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