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    Like many an old-school movie-based Pak, Obi-Wan's Adventures lets you take control of the Ewan McGregor character through nine levels that faithfully follow Episode I's entire story. You'll get to leap over electrified floor panels on the Trade Federation Ship, battle bats in the Naboo Swamp and tussle with bounty hunters on Coruscant on your way to a final face-off with Darth Maul on Theed.

    Puzzles are virtually nonexistent in this standard-issue battle-the-baddies-and-avoid-the-hazards platformer. The young Obi-Wan's key weapon is his light saber. Press A repeatedly to deflect laser fire back at droids. This all-purpose weapon also opens doors, activates switches and destroys objects.

    Press Select to arm the blaster or tap the awesome power of the Force, which allows Obi-Wan to telekinetically move objects or toss a droid out of the way like a rag doll. You'll need to collect ammo for the blaster and energy for the Force.

    Obi-Wan is pretty much a foot soldier here, although he does get to pilot a Gungan craft through the Naboo Swamp. Developer HotGen mixed up the perspectives a bit, so passing through a sliding door might take you from a three-quarters to overhead view. It will take a while to get the knack of moving Obi-Wan diagonally when he is in three-quarters view. Players can choose an easy or hard difficulty setting.

    Star Wars fans get the full LucasArts treatment with plenty of movie stills and, of course, that classic theme music. The levels have plenty of detail, but the tiny and blandly designed droids are far less menacing than they should be. Obi-Wan's character is nicely shaded and man, does he wield a big sword!

    Star Wars: Episode I: Obi-Wan's Adventures is in stores now. This Game Boy Color only game is not compatible with monochrome Game Boy systems.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65892) on Jan 16, 2006.