Super Mario Bros. Deluxe Hints (Game Boy Color)

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Album PicturesContributed by Freeman (42187) on Apr 18, 2006.

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Toad Award: Fill up the Challenge Mode score meter.
Peach Award: Obtain Red Coin, Yoshi Egg, and High Score Medals in all 32 Challenge Mode stages.
Mario Award: Clear 8-4 in Original Mode.
Bowser Award: Clear the Star Courses.
Yoshi Award: Clear the Lost Levels (Super Mario Brothers for Super Players).

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Fireworks: Complete a stage with 1, 3, or 6 as the final number of the remaining time.
1-Up Mushroom: Find a 1-Up Mushroom anywhere in the game.
Vine: Enter a bonus stage anywhere in the game.
Vs. Game: Link up with a friend and play Vs. Mode.
Princess Peach: Beat the original 1985 game.
Trading: Link up with a friend and trade high scores.
Red Coin Award: Collect all 32 Red Coin Challenge Medals.
High Score Award: Collect all 32 High Score Medals.
Yoshi Egg Award: Collect all 32 Yoshi Egg Medals.

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Goomba: Defeat a Goomba.
Bloober: Defeat a Bloober.
Lakitu: Defeat a Lakitu.
Cheep-Cheep: Defeat a Cheep-Cheep.
Hammer Bros: Defeat a pair of Hammer Bros.
Bullet Bill: Defeat a Bullet Bill.
Koopa Troopa: Defeat a Koopa Troopa.
Spiny: Defeat a Spiny.
Buzzy Beetle: Defeat a Buzzy Beetle.

Page 4

Bowser (Pt 1): Defeat Bowser in World 1-4 with Fireballs.
Bowser (Pt 2): Defeat Bowser in World 2-4 with Fireballs
Bowser (Pt 3): Defeat Bowser in World 3-4 with Fireballs.
Bowser (Pt 4): Defeat Bowser in World 4-4 with Fireballs.

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Mario & Luigi (Pt 1): Defeat Bowser in World 5-4 with Fireballs.
Mario & Luigi (Pt 2): Defeat Bowser in World 6-4 with Fireballs
Mario & Luigi (Pt 3): Defeat Bowser in World 7-4 with Fireballs.
Mario & Luigi (Pt 4): Defeat Bowser in World 8-4 with Fireballs.

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