Super Mario Bros. Deluxe Screenshots (Game Boy Color)

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Game Boy Color version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Choose a file to save your current game.
Map overview.
Fire Mario shoots a jumping flame ball in his next target: a double of Goombas.
Mario collecting lots of coins in a hidden underground depth.
Jumping and grabbing the flagpole, Mario finishes Level 1-1 scoring 5.000 points.
Mario (powered by Super Star) smashing three Goombas at once.
Crouched in a safe place, Mario waits the best moment to jump in one of the platforms.
During his way through Level 1-4, Mario tries a risky jump between two fire chains.
Before Bowser spits his fireball, Mario strikes back shooting some fireballs too.
A good way to avoid some enemies is to walk above a row of question mark blocks.
In the 2nd play through, goombas are replaced with buzzy beatles.
Finding a repeating coin.
Chasing down a 1up mushroom.
Found a hidden beanstalk.
Welcome to the Warp Zone!
The famous level end staircase.
Shouldn't the fire have... never mind.
Bowser becomes more difficult in later levels.
You see, there are good 'shrooms and bad 'shrooms.
Finishing one of the challenge stages.
Earn character portraits after accomplishing certain tasks.