Test Drive 6 Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Intro featuring real world images
Loading screen
Main Menu
Paris Loading Screen
Cop mode
Le Moulin Rouge!
After busting a racer
Racer mode

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
You can also choose a cop car to chase other drivers.
Driving in Ireland.
Driving into a tunnel in England.
This is a bad camera angle.You can't see where you are driving.
Jumping to start another lap.
Driving with the Cobra at Cape Hatteras.
The lotus has trouble passing another car.
A view from the demo mode
Driving the viper in Egypt.
Another nice scenery from Egypt
The Egypt track is full of tight streets.
Chasing racers in Paris.
The cop car has weird siren lights.
Too much speed in corners can turn your car upside down.
Chasing racers in the streets of Hong Kong.
Another street in Hong Kong track
The cop is trying to arrest you.
You can choose a shorter route if you know which one it is.
Traffic accident in Rome
Racing in the streets of London.
Cops give you a ticket for driving too fast.
Alternate route in London
Driving the Pelton Raceway.