Thunderbirds Screenshots (Game Boy Color)

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Game Boy Color version

Title screen
Main menu
The list of training missions.
Jeff gives you hints in using Thunderbird 1.
Thunderbird 1, the rocket plane.
A fuel dump.
The pause screen.
A civilian to rescue.
Virgil gives you info about Thunderbird 2.
Shooting the weapon in Thunderbird 2, the VTOL craft.
I need to shoot this to drop the force field.
Thunderbird 3, the space craft.
Thunderbird 4, the submarine.
The craft called The Mole.
The pink Rolls-Royce called FAB 1.
The introduction
When you start the game, you begin in Thunderbird 3.
I completed the first mission.
Gordon gives you your second mission.
An enemy sub attacks Thunderbird 4.
I lost all my lives in Thunderbird 3.
Game over.
The high scores.
The password entry screen.