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GameSpot (Mar 10, 2000)
Vigilante 8 does its job, though it's a far cry from the experience offered by the home-console versions. It should be noted, however, that Vactical did an excellent job on sound, as many of the game's voices have been faithfully re-created, most notably the characters' battle cries. The presentation is top-notch, considering the hardware the company had to work with, and, in truth, the game manages to be much more than a shade of its better self. There is definitely some fun to be had here.
Steering - especially making tight turns - is problematic, so you'll probably spend more time than you'd like tangled up with obstacles or parked in corners. This version is sure to please fans of the N64 version or any other gamer who enjoys cool weapons and vehicles, offbeat scenarios, hip characters and demolition-derby action.
Players will also appreciate the number of characters to choose from, the built-in rumble feature and rare two-player cooperative and head-to-head modes. It's just a shame you can't destroy the scenery, because any game based on the All-American virtues of destruction and mayhem doesn't quite feel complete without this feature. As it stands, Vigilante 8 is a good game that could have been much better.
IGN (Jan 11, 2000)
I was really excited to finally stick in Vigilante 8 in my Game Boy Color, just to see how well it was converted over from its rather cool PlayStation incarnation to the portable screen. They got some things right (the speech is excellent, and the graphics are nice), but the conversion is very sterile. I really miss being able to blow up tanks and buildings ¿ instead, it's just a straightforward Combat-style game with very few options. It isn't bad, but don't go expecting that much out of it.
Electric Playground (Jan 06, 2000)
It’s more like Vigilante 5.3--reasonably faithful, excellent sound, excellent graphics...but iffy controls and odd perspective combine to make a heartbreakingly close-but-no-cigar translation.
Nintendojo (1999)
Remember the old saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. This quote is in effect here also, only this time, the cover is better than the book. Admittedly, it’s a good attempt, but in the end, falls short due to several problems that really hamper the gameplay. But, if you’re dying for a combat game on the Gameboy, then I’d recommend a purchase. For anyone else with some level of sanity, spare yourself the and purchase Super Mario Bros DX.