Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland Credits

Digital Eclipse Software Inc.

Art and AnimationArvin Bautista, Ray Cosico, Kevin James, Tom Lisowski, Dean Lee, Antony Mazzotta, Spartaco Margioni, Tynan Wales, Pete Ward
Art Director Boyd Burggrabe
Associate Producers William Baffy, Dean Sitton
Programming Jeremy Mika, Michael Mika Sr.
Sound and MusicRobert Baffy
Level Design William Baffy, Boyd Burggrabe, Michael Mika Sr., Dean Sitton, Max Thayer
Project Director Michael Mika Sr.
Executive Producer Andrew Ayre
Tilekiller By Daniel Filner
Special Thanks ToLouie Ayre, John Baffy, Judith Baffy, Gwen Bauer, Chris Charla, Zander James, Michele Kosikowski, Michael Mika Sr., Shigeru Miyamoto, Carrie Sheppard, John Soronen, Max Thayer, Calvin and Mark

Disney Interactive

Director of Production, Console Games Dan Winters
Associate ProducerRenée Johnson
Assistant Producer Patrick Larkin
Artist Tom Barlow
Senior Tester Carlos Schulte
Lead Tester Kevin Cope
TestersAndre Aguilar, Daniel Alvarado, Amir Firozkar, Douglas Jacobs, Bryan Martinez, Joshua Nave

Nintendo of America

Producer Faran Thomason
Product Testing Director Michael Kelbaugh
Product Testing Assistant Manager Tim Bechtel
Product Testing Supervisors Kyle Hudson, Richard S. Richardson
Project Coordinators Jeffrey Kalles, Patrick Taylor
Special Thanks ToMinoru Arakawa, Ken Lobb, Yoshinobu Mantani, Jeff Miller, Gail Tilden, Pat Wells

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