Wendy: Every Witch Way Screenshots (Game Boy Color)

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Game Boy Color version

Title Screen
Wendy opens the chest and releases the troublesome stones...
...which quickly soar into the sky to mess up gravity!
Before each level, you will get a title card like this
Wendy can inverse gravity to navigate through puzzles
Collect stars to increase your health and magic power
These red platforms can only be jumped through in the direction of the yellow arrows
Walking on the ceiling
Found a stone! Off to the next level!
Completing a level rewards you with a password
The slugs are not affected by gravity - tricky!
Firing some magic at a knight
You can even attack foes on the ceiling!
These red platforms are often parts of tricky puzzles
Some enemies need to be flipped before you can destroy them
Missed the spikes!
Another knight - you can't hit him when he has his shield
These purple foes react inversely to gravity - down is up for them!
A tricky maze!
Time for a bonus level!
Grab the stars for more firepower
Watch out for enemies here!
Success! Reached the next world.
In this world, there are poisonous slime pits...which also flip with gravity!
Careful of the spikes!
This fellow will throw his bomb at you if you try to walk past him
Dodge that slime!
Wendy can also walk behind some parts of the scenery
Certain enemies try to hide in the bushes in this level
Spikes everywhere!