Written by  :  chromax (20)
Written on  :  Oct 20, 2003
Platform  :  Game Boy Color

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a relative good remake of a great classic!

The Good

The game is well ported from the Amiga/C64. The look of the game is the same. For the gameboy version the developer changed the (hard) controls, so that it is easier to handle the little plane. The enemy planes are easier to hunt down.

The Bad

The sound is like the original very poor. You hear just your motors and some bombs exploding. There are less things on the islands. In the original there were airfields from enemy planes on the islands or enemy torpedo bombers.

ThereĀ“s no blood! The original game was on the black list in germany because when you bombed a house, the people came out and you had to shoot them with your guns or to bomb them into pieces. They screamed very cute when they were hit.

Thats all gone in the "clean" gameboy version. Thats a shame.

The Bottom Line

A relative good conversion of the original, but it is converted for the gameboy and so it is very "clean", that means, the funny things are mostly gone.