Wings of Fury Screenshots (Game Boy Color)

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Game Boy Color version

Title screen
Choose a language.
Main menu
Burn baby...
Close to the enemy
You break into pieces.
Drop it like it's hot...
Boom! Bang! Boom!
The airplane of the enemy
Destroy that tank!
You start each mission by taking off from the aircraft carrier USS Wasp. This is also the place where you repair, refuel & reload
Align your plane with the deck of the carrier and kick out the landing gear for a safe landing
You'll have to use rockets to take out the concrete bunkers
Flying over a Japanese warship; the red light (bottom left) means a Japanese plane is coming after me
Pressing start pauses the game and brings up the mission status screen; it tells you which targets you still need to take out
The game engine zooms out when you fly above a certain altitude
Bombarding from a high altitude is safer but not very accurate
The ammunition report after a mission is a new feature of the GBC version. The less ammo you use, the more bonus points you'll get
Just dropped a torpedo (white dots) and managed to avoid crashing into the carrier; as the 1st-person view window is missing in the GBC version it's hard to tell how close you are to a ship
Earned a promotion after a few successful missions
I've shot down a Japanese Zero
Performing a barrel roll; this manoeuvre is new in the GBC version